Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rode again Saturday!

In an effort to get back into the swing of things, I rode again on Saturday. Saturday is typically reserved for longer rides, but considering how much effort I had to put into riding the first 10 miles, my goal was to complete another 10 miles. The previous ride had been challenging and had actually made my seat a little sore. This ride was just as challenging, but it didn't make me at all sore.

I got a late start on the ride after waking up and having a nice breakfast before the ride. I hit the road around 11:00 AM, and it was warm but the breeze was pleasant. I decided on this ride, that I would let the signals determine my path; meaning if I rolled up to a signal and it was red, then I would turn right, otherwise I would proceed straight. It made the ride at least a little interesting since I had no predetermined course.

The ride took me 48 minutes to complete, averaging again around 12.5 mph. For some reason my polar strap wasn't working, so I didn't get any heart or calorie data. I guess I'll have to check the battery.

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